What is edgeBOX?

edgeBOX Highlights

It's easy

Simple to deploy and easy to maintain

It's unique

Forget IP addresses. There is a user based firewall inside.

Leverages Open-standards

Linux based architecture

Online updates

One click and it's done

Proven technology

Deployed in thousands of sites.

OEM friendly

Can be customized. Access to a full SDK ,for deep, custom software release control.

and more...

The edgeBOX opens up the opportunity for VARs to tap in to the Unified Communications market. Its comprehensive feature set – encompassing voice, data and IT, and price make it a competitive winner. The margins and support from Critical Links are unparalleled in the industry. Find out more on our reseller program.
The edgeBOX provides a compelling platform to address the key challenges facing Service Providers: Improving the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and reducing the activity costs. Find out how unified communications can enable a recurring stream of revenues and provide a competitive advantage.
With Voice Over IP (VoIP) you can dramatically reduce the cost of your telephone calls – whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Find out how the Office-in-a-BOX will help reduce this significantly.
The Critical Links Education Appliance and the new C3, Classroom Content Cloud, are enabling the ICT infrastructure for the next generation of schools. Find out more in our education websites