Investor Info

Critical Links develops and markets edgeBOX, the first Unified Communications Appliance or “Office-in-a-Box” that provides all the vital voice and data communication services required by SMB’s or Branch-Offices, out of a single remotely managed device, and at a SMB price point.

Critical Links has a solid track-record and exciting prospects on a global scale. 

Critical Links has a unique and disruptive value proposition founded on a well thought out strategy that positions the company for success:
  1. We Provide The Right Answers To SMB Pain Points: The edgeBOX answers the needs of the SMB market that increasingly require advanced “big-company like” IP voice and data communication services to compete, but lack the budget and internal IT knowledge/resources. SMB’s are also eager to reduce costs and open to trade Capex for Opex and embrace “IT as a Service” models.

  2. We Leverage The Right Window Of Opportunity: Our go-to-market strategy takes advantage of the consolidated trend towards migration from switched voice systems to VoIP that provides communications cost savings, generates demand for new IP communication services, and offers the opportunity to consolidate and unify the IP infrastructure at the SMB.

  3. We Have An Unique and Attractive Channel Value Proposition: We provide Reseller and Service Provider partners with a remotely managed platform that enables them to generate the (most desirable) recurrent and predictable revenues from value-added Managed Services, implement “IT as a Service” models, and become single point of contact for all customer IT needs.

  4. We Provide The Right Feature Set For The Right Price: We have extensively integrated open-source in edgeBOX and changed the network appliance market economics, thereby delivering sophisticated services and the economic benefits of open-source to SMB’s for the first time. The edgeBOX is “big-business” like voice and data services at an SMB Price Point.

Critical Links is a venture-backed company headquartered in the US and with offices in Portugal. Current investors include: InovCapital, Change Partners, ASK Capital, and Critical Software SA.

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