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Critical Links' edgeBOX Certified With Industry-Leading Server Platform to Create State-of-the-Art Converged Voice and Data Solution

FAIRFIELD, NJ, June 3, 2008 - Critical Links, a global provider of converged voice, data and IT solutions for SMBs, today announced that its flagship product, the edgeBOX™, is now certified on the Intel® Modular Server platform through the Intel® Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance (Intel® ESAA) program. This state-of-the art solution offers a broad feature set and an unprecedented level of fault tolerance while addressing the increasingly important concern of service assurance. With edgeBOX™ and the Intel® Modular Server platform based on Intel® Multi-Flex technology, SMBs have access to a class of communications/IT infrastructure that was previously confined to enterprise competitors with larger IT budgets.

As a member of the Intel® ESAA program, Critical Links is able to provide its revolutionary edgeBOX™ solution on the Intel Modular Server platform. The Intel Modular Server platform has support for up to six hot-swappable Intel® Xeon® processor-based compute modules and features integrated storage and networking. The edgeBOX ™software includes a wide range of capabilities such as full-fledged VoIP, VPN, security, storage and collaboration services.

“The edgeBOX™, in combination with Intel’s Modular Server Platform, eliminates the need for SMBs to make the traditional trade-off between simplicity, cost and capability,” said Abdul Kasim, vice president of global marketing and business development, Critical Links. “We are excited that our membership in the Intel® ESAA program has enabled us to successfully challenge existing paradigms and essentially change the game in the SMB segment. With the extent of its redundancy and scalability, the Intel Modular Server ensures continuous availability of features delivered by the edgeBOX™. This translates into a compelling business advantage for today’s SMB.”

“The Intel Modular Server platform provides powerful scalability and redundancy,” said David Brown, marketing director of Intel Enterprise Platforms and Services Division. “Critical Links’ membership in the Intel ESAA program allows them to deliver their edgeBOX™ software on Intel hardware for a powerful value-added proposition for small and medium sized businesses.”

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About Critical Links Critical Links is a global provider of converged voice, data and IT solutions for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) that dramatically simplify and cost-reduce by consolidating over a single scaleable and fault-tolerant platform.

Critical Links’ flagship product, the edgeBOX™, is an award winning multi-function gateway appliance that includes VOIP/IP-PBX, VPNs, security, NAC, QoS and a WiFi access point as well as a fax-server, web server, e-mail server, print server and data storage. It is available on a range of hardware platforms that support up to 300 users, with different form factors and a host of broadband interfaces such as BRI/PRI(T1/E1), FX0/FXS, Ethernet, etc. Critical Links typically serves SMBs through a global network of VARs, System Integrators, OEMs and Service Providers. For more information: or">.

About Intel® ESAA When you choose a validated server solution available through the Intel Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance, you choose a solution that delivers the highest standards for quality and interoperability. Through this collaborative alliance, Intel Corporation has teamed with other industry leaders to provide you with server solutions that meet a range of business needs. Intel ESAA provides a process to streamline deployment and implementation so you can focus on growing your business. For more information on the Intel ESAA program, visit

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