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Critical Links’ edgeBOX Named Finalist for TechWorld Green Product of the Year Award

Critical Links, a global provider of converged voice, data and IT solutions for SMBs, announced today its edgeBOX™ multi-service business gateway appliance, was named a finalist for the TechWorld Green Product of the Year Award. By consolidating data, voice and IT services into one appliance, edgeBOX enables small and medium sized businesses to replace up to 8 devices with a single unit, creating an environmentally friendly IT infrastructure.

“Being a green IT product involves more than just being efficient while operational at the customer premises. It is about the complete lifecycle of the product from development and delivery through use and disposal,” said Alex Sarin, vice president, product management, Critical Links. “The edgeBOX™ was purposely designed with a passionate consideration to its environmental impact in the broader context and we are pleased that this has been recognized by TechWorld.”

By providing a single unit that performs the work of many, edgeBOX™ greatly diminishes the carbon footprint, and power consumption, while providing cutting edge technology, at a fraction of the cost. Its compact size allows it to easily fit on a desktop, greatly reducing space requirements and the attendant heating and cooling demands.

In addition to the green benefits provided directly, the edgeBOX also makes a substantial, albeit indirect, contribution to easing the larger environmental concerns. By enabling workers to be able to work remotely – and having all the IT and Telecom services as if they were at the headquarters in person, the edgeBOX maintains high productivity and avoids the need to travel, thereby leading to less carbon fuel consumption and pollution.

By consolidating numerous devices into a single unit, edgeBOX™ also reduces plastic and styrofoam packaging as well as plastic covered wiring generated by multiple appliances, reducing landfill waste and the utilization of non-renewable energy resources to reproduce these non-bio-degradable products. At the end of its life cycle, edgeBOX™ takes minimal energy to recycle and produces less residual waste.

The Techworld Awards, each year select the products and users from the European IT industry that have made a significant difference. They recognize those products, which help IT professionals in their daily roles, and also the IT professionals themselves, who make the industry what it is today. Winners of the awards are selected by an independent panel of industry figures combined with members of the TechWorld editorial team.

The edgeBOX™ replaces up to 8 specialized solutions with a single integrated device, providing SMB customers with a complete networking infrastructure that is simple to install and configure, easy to maintain and upgrade and can be managed remotely. Customers can leverage edgeBOX™ services ranging from VOIP, IP-PBX, VPNs, security, NAC and QoS as well as web server, e-mail server and data storage. It is available on a range of scalable platforms that support up to 300 users.

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