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CoBlitz joins Critical Links’ edgeBOX education alliance™ for Schools 2.0

Strategic partnership providing state-of-the-art caching solutions to the edgeBOX education portfolio™

FAIRFIELD, NJ, June 23th, 2009 - Critical links , a pioneer in delivering Information & Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure solutions for Schools 2.0, announced today that CoBlitz, the leading provider of low-cost, high-performance caching solutions for bandwidth acceleration, has joined its recently formed edgeBOX education alliance™.

Dr. Dede is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and has authored many books and research papers on the subject. Professor Dede’s primary area of interest is the role of new information technologies in knowledge creation, sharing and learning. He served as chair of the Learning & Teaching area at HGSE. He also recently served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Foundations of Educational and Psychological Assessment and was a member of the U.S. Department of Education's Expert Panel on Technology. He is on the International Steering Committee for the “Second International Technology in Education Study” spanning approximately thirty countries. Prof. Dede is widely recognized as a global leader in the development of “technology in education” programs.

As part of its EdgeXL product line, CoBlitz provides innovative caching solutions capable of increasing the performance of an Internet connection by a factor of 2-10x. The technology behind EdgeXL, called HashCache, was recently recognized in the MIT Technology Review Magazine as one of the top 10 emerging technologies of 2009.

“We are excited about the opportunity provided by the edgeBOX education alliance to help schools around the world improve the quality of the Internet experience for their students,” said Patrick Richardson, Vice President of Business Development at CoBlitz. “With EdgeXL, CoBlitz aims to make it possible for users with limited network connections to access the Internet at broadband speeds.”

The EdgeXL suite of software and services is designed to improve the performance of Web access from low bandwidth connections. It focuses on delivering as much Web content as possible from a local server. Using EdgeXL, individual Web surfers will typically experience a more than 10-fold increase in delivered bandwidth, while shared environments such as schools will achieve even greater improvements.

Critical Links will make the EdgeXL product line available as an edgePACK integrated software plug-in to the edgeBOX School Server & the edgeBOX Classroom Server. edgeBOX users can deploy EdgeXL to accelerate their network connection, greatly improving their Internet experience.

”Using the caching solutions from CoBlitz on the edgeBOX will allow us to deliver a significant improvement in the end user experience, especially when there is limited bandwidth available for Internet access”, said Abdul Kasim, Vice President for Global Marketing & Business Development at Critical Links. “In Schools 2.0, the next generation of schools, a highly interactive and collaborative learning experience that significantly employs the Internet and the web is very fundamental to its effectiveness. Given that broadband connectivity is still severely limited around the world, a caching solution becomes almost essential. We are delighted to partner with CoBlitz and their innovative caching solutions to address this opportunity with our edgeBOX portfolio”.

The edgeBOX education portfolio comprises of the edgeBOX Classroom Server™ and the edgeBOX School Server™. These platforms offer a host of communications, collaboration and administration capabilities necessary in Schools 2.0, including a comprehensive set of voice and data networking tools. They also support full-fledged learning management, client management, asset management and a student information system.

The edgeBOX has been deployed at over 1200 schools in one of the world’s largest school modernization programs and has been recognized with numerous industry awards .

More information on the edgeBOX education portfolio and Critical Links’ education initiatives can be found at the new School 2.0 portal:

About CoBlitz

CoBlitz is a provider of extremely scalable content caching and delivery technologies for network operators and end users. The EdgeXL product line, based on award-winning technologies developed by leading researchers from Princeton University, provides a suite of high-performance, low-cost network acceleration products for low bandwidth environments. More information can be found at

About Critical Links

Critical Links is a global provider oCritical Links is a pioneer delivering innovative Information & Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure solutions for Schools 2.0 – the next generation of Schools.

Critical Links’ edgeBOX education portfolio provides the communication, collaboration and administration necessary to support a highly interactive and content rich educational experience; apart from a host of networking and communication capabilities, it also offers comprehensive learning management, client management, asset management and a student information system.

The edgeBOX portfolio is comprised of the edgeBOX Classroom Server™ and the edgeBOX School Server™. The edgeBOX Classroom Server™ delivers an e-learning platform for up to 100 students, while the edgeBOX School Server™ provides a scaleable platform that supports sophisticated communication and administration capabilities to schools of up to 1000 students.

The edgeBOX has been deployed globally including in the world’s largest school modernization program. More information about the edgeBOX portfolio and Critical Links’ educational offering can be found at

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