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Critical Links Launches edgeDESKTOP™ for the edgeBOX™

edgeDESKTOP™ will significantly enhance employee collaboration and productivity

FAIRFIELD, NJ, October 6th, 2009 - Critical Link, a global provider of unified voice, data and IT solutions for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), announced today the release of edgeDESKTOP™. edgeDESKTOP™ is a client application that has been purposefully designed to run on an end-user’s desktop PC and enable the management of all telephony features. As a result, the edgeDESKTOP™ significantly improves employee productivity through enhanced communication and collaboration. edgeDESKTOP™ offers a set of features such as windows with caller information, make and receive calls, record calls, visual voicemail, Microsoft Outlook® integration, call forwarding, transfer, history, authentication etc.

The edgeDESKTOP™ is part of the edgeBOX Release 5.0. Some of the key edgeDESKTOP™ features and capabilities include:

  • Initiate a Call or Conference with a Mouse-Click
  • Pop-up Window with Caller Info
  • Record Conversations and Visual Voicemail
  • Import and Collaborate with the Microsoft Outlook Contacts
  • See the On-line Status of Co-workers and Contacts
  • Call Forwarding, Call Transfer and Groups
  • Call History, Logs
  • True Integration with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Mail Box and Voicemail Management

  • Critical Links vice president of product development, Alex Sarin commented, “With the edgeBOX™, we constantly strive to strike the right balance between having great user-friendly features that drive business productivity and making the product simple enough to use for the novice. With edgeDESKTOP™, we believe that we have achieved the right balance. This application brings a lot of value to the edgeBOX user community and empowers them.”

    The edgeBOX™ is an award winning multi-service appliance that replaces up to 6 specialized devices with a single integrated solution, and provides SMB customers with a complete networking infrastructure that is simple to install and configure, easy to maintain and upgrade and can be managed remotely. Customers can leverage edgeBOX™ for VOIP, IP-PBX, VPNs, security, NAC and QoS as well as web server, e-mail server and data storage. It is available on a range of scalable platforms that support up to 300 users. The edgeBOX™ has over 2500 installations world-wide.

    About Critical Links

    Critical Links is a global provider of converged voice, data and IT solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that dramatically simplify and cost-reduce by consolidating over a single scalable and fault-tolerant platform.

    Critical Links’ flagship product, the edgeBOX™, is an award-winning multi-function gateway appliance that includes VoIP/IP-PBX, VPNs, security, NAC, QoS and a WiFi access point as well as a fax server, web server, e-mail server, print server and data storage. It is available on a range of hardware platforms that support up to 300 users, with different form factors and a host of broadband interfaces such as BRI/PRI(T1/E1), FX0/FXS, Ethernet, etc. Critical Links typically serves SMBs through a global network of VARs, System Integrators, OEMs and Service Providers. For more information: or

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