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Critical Links Launches edgeMANAGER™ for edgeBOX™

edgeMANAGER™ significantly enhances the ability of service providers and large customers to administer and manage multiple edgeBOX appliances from a single console

FAIRFIELD, NJ, December 23rd, 2009 - Critical Link, a global provider of unified voice, data and IT solutions for SMBs, announced today the release of edgeMANAGER™ Client, a stand-alone Java-based administration console that can be used with the award-winning edgeBOX™. edgeMANAGER™ essentially gives remote visibility to all the edgeBOXes deployed in a customer’s network; with the edgeMANAGER™, one can view icons corresponding to every deployed edgeBOX on a console and click on any edgeBOX device icon, and drill-down to perform administrative and management tasks remotely for a specific appliance. edgeMANAGER™ offers a set of features such as Single Sign-On, Local Administrator Access, real-time SNMP Chart Analyzer, SNMP Notifications Monitoring, SSH Client, FTP Client, Plug-in Support, Automatic Updates, and more to deliver a superior operational experience.

For existing edgeBOX customers, edgeMANAGER™ application will be available as a free download from the Critical Links partner website or you may contact us at to obtain the download link. The edgeMANAGER is available now.

The edgeMANAGER™ console shows the following information for every edgeBOX™ in the network:

  • IP Address/Host Name
  • Name
  • Description
  • Installed eOS version and build
  • Status (on-line or off-line)
  • Customer
  • Hardware Type, SN#
  • License ID

  • Critical Links’ vice president of product development, Alex Sarin, commented, “With the edgeMANAGER™, we are greatly simplifying the management of a multiple-edgeBOX network. This is especially appealing for our service provider clients. We have deliberately introduced several features that make operational support much more efficient and cost effective. For example, edgeMANAGER with its Single Sign-On feature can help eliminate password fatigue and reduce costs due to lower number of help-desk calls about credentials. It also enforces security at all levels of the system and facilitates centralized reporting and monitoring”.

    About Critical Links

    Critical Links is a global provider of converged voice, data and IT solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that dramatically simplify and cost-reduce by consolidating over a single scalable and fault-tolerant platform.

    Critical Links’ flagship product, the edgeBOX™, is an award-winning multi-function gateway appliance that includes VoIP/IP-PBX, VPNs, security, NAC, QoS and a WiFi access point as well as a fax server, web server, e-mail server, print server and data storage. It is available on a range of hardware platforms that support up to 300 users, with different form factors and a host of broadband interfaces such as BRI/PRI(T1/E1), FX0/FXS, Ethernet, etc. Critical Links typically serves SMBs through a global network of VARs, System Integrators, OEMs and Service Providers. For more information: or

    About Maringo Communications

    The edgeBOX is an award winning multi-service appliance that replaces up to 6 specialized devices with a single integrated solution, and provides SMB customers with a complete networking infrastructure that is simple to install and configure, easy to maintain and upgrade and can be managed remotely. Customers can leverage edgeBOX™ for VOIP, IP-PBX, VPNs, security, NAC and QoS as well as web server, e-mail server and data storage. It is available on a range of scalable platforms that support up to 300 users. edgeBOX has over 2500 installations world-wide.

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