Critical Links has a comprehensive VAR partner program that provides fantastic opportunities to resellers that want to generate recurring income from services as well as making margin on product sales.

edgeBOX is more than an all-in-one voice, data and IT appliance for small and medium businesses; it is a platform that enables resellers to provide managed services through a combination of on-site CPE and remote management.

edgeBOX differentiates itself from pure hosted models where all services have to be delivered through the link to the customer's site. Customers can be wary of relying on a data link to provide all their services and can be reluctant to have their data located off-site. With edgeBOX you can provide services that would normally be hosted, such as email, security and VPNs, plus a whole additional layer of services, such as network access control and on-site PBX, with everything still being managed from the Network Operations Centre (NOC). Since all the services are provided on-site by edgeBOX, the customer is happy that his systems will still work and his data will still be available if the link fails.

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