A Unified Communications Solution from the cloud or “UC as a Service” that Provides All the Phone, Internet Communications and Security Services a Small and Medium Size Business needs.

The cloudBOX provides a full business phone system, plus email, web, fax, security, calendar, contact directory, presence, collaboration and much more from the “cloud” for a fixed fee per user per month with no need for hardware installation or maintenance on premise. The services provided are identical to those of the edgeBOX.

Big Business Communication and Phone System from the "cloud" at an SMB Price Point!

As a small or medium business you increasingly need reliable and advanced communications (telephony and internet) services to thrive in a highly competitive market. You need to be always connected with your customers and employees and are expected to provide no less than excellent customer service. You need a communication solution that provides a competitive edge and helps you stay focused on your business!

cloudBOX, like the edgeBOX, provides a comprehensive communication and IT solution for small businesses that was previously only available to big businesses at big business prices. But the main difference with the edgeBOX is that with cloudBOX, no hardware equipment is needed on the SMB premise. The cost of the cloudBOX solution is “per user per month” based on the services ordered. This solution is ideal for cash-strapped SMBs because you can now budget for your IT and communication expenses to the last penny without needing to worry about overheads, unexpected shutdowns and maintenance costs, natural disasters, IT staff etc.

No More "Rats Nests" And Communication Nightmares. Simplify and Gain a Competitive Edge!

Today, in order to address their business communication needs, many firms end up buying stacks of equipment from different vendors and providers.

The stack typically includes a business phone system, an internet router for connecting to the internet and a server for file sharing. Wireless (WiFi) access is also needed, and for security reasons, a firewall and a Virtual Private Network for telecommuters and branch offices. Email and web access need to be protected by antispam, antivirus and content filtering. Many firms also need shared contacts, calendars and tasks that can be synced with mobile devices as well as desktops.

Adding all the equipment needed to provide these services soon turns into a nightmare to manage, requiring expensive support, leaving you exposed to security vulnerabilities, and requiring you to spend all your time dealing with multiple suppliers. With edgeBOX, we provide a device which integrates all communications and IT services in a single, reliable appliance that is easy to use, easy to manage and scalable. With cloudBOX, we provide identical services as the edgeBOX, without needing to keep any hardware on your premise !

A Business Phone System, Data Security, Presence, Collaboration and a Lot More, with no Equipment Needed!

The advantages of a cloud-based voice and data system are as follows:

  • No equipment installed on customer premise.

  • All the sophisticated services available from an on-premise system are now available from the cloud.

  • Tailored for SOHOs and SMBs that do not need local integrations on-site and want to avoid initial investments (CAPEX).
  • Fixed fee per user per month, with no fluctuations in your IT budget.

  • No constraints for multiple locations.

  • No more worries about scalability - just add users as you grow !