A Unified Communications Solution or “Office-in-a-box” that Provides All the Phone and Internet Communication Services a Small and Medium Size Business needs.

The edgeBOX provides a full business phone system (IP-PBX) and much more out of a single appliance that can be managed remotely through an easy-to-use interface.

Big Business Communication and Phone System at an SMB Price Point!

As a small or medium business you increasingly need reliable and advanced communications (telephony and internet) services to thrive in a highly competitive market. You need to be always connected with your customers and employees and are expected to provide no less than excellent customer service. You need a communication solution that provides a competitive edge!

A Business Phone System / VoIP Phone System and a Lot More!

The advantages of a VoIP Phone System (Voice over Internet Protocol) range from cost saving to increased productivity and improved integration with IT systems.

Call costs can be slashed by up to 60% by routing standard phone calls through ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) and by making free calls over the internet between your offices and with remote workers.

VoIP Phone systems also bring you new and advanced features that were not possible in old systems. This includes integration with mobile phones, support for telecommuters and branch offices and integration with other applications such as voice mail to email.

One common concern about VoIP is quality and reliability. The edgeBOX addresses that concern by providing fallback connection to the PSTN (Public switched telephony network) so if the internet connection goes down, calls are routed transparently through the landline. The edgeBOX can also be configured to use VoIP selectively for certain calls, such as intra-office (for free), branch office (for free), and international calls (at reduced rates).