Business Beneflits

Simplified Phone System and Data Network Deployment and Management

Each edgeBOX appliance comes with the full range of services available as listed in the Product Features section of the website and the Technical Data Sheet that can be downloaded from the panel on the right, the only differences between the units are the number of users they support, connectivity options available, the amount of storage and the number of power supplies included.

The edgeBOX Unified Communications appliance sits at the company premises and delivers all the vital telephone, data networking, and security functions a small or medium business needs. The edgeBOX can be remotely managed via a secure web-based GUI (Unified Management Interface) that is extremely easy to use and can be effectively configured by non-IT experts.

Business VoIP Phone System with Sophisticated Features and Call Savings

The edgeBOX provides a complete unified voice and data network platform with associated cost savings in terms of call rates.

The full-featured IP-PBX of edgeBOX offers interactive voice menus, voicemail, call queuing and many other features that only larger enterprises could afford. Together with its ability to connect to any incoming phone lines (analogue, basic or primary rate digital), to interface with legacy PBX systems, phones and fax machines and to provide top quality voice calls guaranteed by in-built QoS, edgeBOX provides a leading-edge telephony solution that can make the smallest company seem like a multinational enterprise.

Significant Cost Savings Both Upfront (Capex) and Ongoing (Opex)

The edgeBOX allows for huge cost savings in the typical SMB both in terms of upfront purchase costs (Capex) and ongoing management costs (Opex).

Upfront costs start from under $2,500 or as low as $50 per user (without including phones). With edgeBOX, here are fewer products to purchase and maintain, and maintenance is extremelly simple through its intuitive inteface. Therefore costs can be reduced in average by 60%. The IP voice system allows for the elimination of call costs between offices and the overall reduction of outbound call costs. The edgeBOX is based on open standards and protects the SMB from expensive vendor lock-ins. Finally, edgeBOX is also a green product since the consolidation of several devices into one it allows for significant energy costs savings.

Simple But Secure - Enterprise-Level Security

Simple can’t mean insecure. edgeBOX keeps its promise by bringing together simplified networking with top-quality security services.

Data and applications accessible through edgeBOX, either via physical links or VPNs, are protected by enterprise-grade firewall software, guarding your network from suspicious data packets and denial of service attacks. Since users can be forced to authenticate at the firewall level before accessing any services, and any activity running through edgeBOX is logged, you have control and accountability over anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Network dependability is also of paramount importance no matter what the size of your business. edgeBOX is built around a robust Linux kernel renowned for its stability and resilience.

Improved Collaboration and Productivity of Staff

edgeBOX provides your staff with a full set of online collaboration tools, ensuring you achieve the maximum return on investment from the network you have installed.

Your company website can be hosted on edgeBOX and an intranet can be deployed, including user home pages, to allow sharing of information such as contacts and calendars. Internal e-mail services ensure users can communicate internally even if the Internet connection fails. Mail relay and web mail are included for mobile workers. Antivirus, antispam and ban lists ensure that unwanted mail is filtered out, and for security purposes email can be kept at a secure offsite data centre.

Safe Storage With Automated Backup for Critical Business Data

Files can be stored and shared on edgeBOX in Windows, Linux and Mac compatible formats with data security ensured through automated backup and restore functions, including backup to external physical or network drives at scheduled times


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