edgeBOX Business (100 users)

The edgeBOX Business Appliance is Aimed at the Medium Sized Business With up to 100 users

It comes with the added security of redundant disks to ensure high availability, more powerful processing power than the Office Appliance and additional storage space. The unit is a 2U form factor ideal for mounting in a rack. The full range of edgeBOX services are available along with configurations that can provide connectivity to analogue and digital phone lines and phone equipment.


Key Features:

  • Powerful 2U rack mountable unit for the larger office

  • 250GB of storage with redundant mirrored disk for high availability

  • Front panel LCD for at-a-glance monitoring of equipment status

  • Network ports for connecting to local area switch, broadband service and local application/web severs (DMZ)

  • USB ports for connecting storage/backup devices and printers for sharing

  • Models are available with optional ports for connecting phone lines and phones/faxes in the following combinations:


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