edgeBOX Office (40 users)

The edgeBOX Office Appliance Provides Unified Communication for Offices With Up to 40 Users

The appliance has been specially designed to accommodate smaller offices that may not have server racks and air-conditioned rooms. The appliance is a small "phone book" sized form factor that fits onto any desk and is quiet.

The unit may be small but the feature set is identical to that found in the larger units. The full-featured Business Phone System VoIP Phone System, email, Fax, web, security and all the other features that make edgeBOX the most comprehensive system on the market are all there. Remotely managed, scalable, easy-to-use and at a price point that is right for new and growing businesses.


Key Features:

  • Small, quiet form factor ideal for use in an office where server rooms are not available

  • 250GB of storage for mail and file sharing

  • Network ports for connecting to local area switch and broadband service

  • USB ports for connecting storage/backup devices and printers for sharing

  • Models are available with integrated Wi-Fi access point and ports for connecting phone lines and phones/faxes with the following combinations available:


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