Products Features

Below you’ll find a summary of the edgeBOX product features.

Access Router

Manages the traffic between your company LAN, the internet, and a DMZ (demilitarized zone). Provides all basic network access services such as DHCP, NAT, DNS, and VLANs.

Storage and Print
File Storage

Provides optional redundant disks (RAID) for your critical business data.


Provides all the telephony features a small business needs, including sophisticated call conferences, parking and forwarding, IVR, LCR, ACD, fallback to PSTN, etc...
The full featured IP-PBX supports both VoIP and PSTN calls.


Network Access Control allows you to control how employees and visitors access your network. Access can be granted/denied per user. NAC supports authentication through a captive portal or 802.1X.


Secures your company network against attacks or misuse. Comprises a Stateful Inspection Firewall, VPN for remote user access (PPTP), or site-to-site (IPSec).
Authentication at the firewall allows tight control over user activity in the network (who, when, what).

Quality of Service (QoS)

Guarantees that your priority services have the bandwidth available when needed, e.g. for ensuring business quality calls using VoIP and lowers the priority of other traffic such as web downloads.


Provides a unique and easy to use Unified Management Interface allows the configuration of almost all aspects of the system by non IT experts. Processes such as adding a new user, that typically involve configuring a multitude of devices and services take just a few minutes through the edgeBOX Management interface.