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Health Care Solutions

We work with health care businesses to combine all of their communication technology, such as phone system, voicemail, email, network router, security, and much more into a single plug-and-play unit that’s easy to use, easy to manage, and one third of the cost.

The edgeBOX can save the average Healthcare Clinic and Doctors office over $10,000 per year.

Healthcare is a communication intensive business. Good communication has a profound effect on the quality and safety of patient care, as well as patient satisfaction. Effective communication can also save thousands of dollars in communication costs, no-shows, and lost customers.

The edgeBOX dramatically improves communications with customers, patients and administrative staff.

Some of the key features of edgeBOX for the health care sector include the ability to:

  • Record medical prescriptions over the phone and send the recordings for predefined email addresses for transcription

  • Easily reach patient and doctor contacts in a shared address book (EdgeExchange) and click-to dial.

  • Scan shared doctors calendars for quickly scheduling of medical appointments

  • Redirecting phone extension to cells phones and allow remote phones to be treated as up as local extensions (e.g. assistants).

  • Enable doctors to stay connected while outside the office and access business data , appointment schedules, contacts, and phone extensions.
  • Unlimited conference calls between doctors, staff and/or patients.

  • Individual voice mails, auto attendants, and individual voice mail greetings.

  • Support Paging/Intercom for use in waiting rooms or communicating hands free with patients.

  • Reducing communication costs between offices by using Voice-over-IP technology.

  • Reduced capital and operating expenses (installing and managing a s single converged network and a single device instead of two networks and a multitude of devices).

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