Remote Branch Office

edgeBOX addresses the needs of enterprise branch offices by providing an all-in-one solution based on the latest networking technologies combined with a robust hardware platform and the facilities for complete remote management

IT technology that is reliable and requires little technical support

edgeBOX is based on robust software providing a highly available and reliable system. Since it is a fully integrated “all-in-one” device there are fewer devices and interfaces than can fail. If edgeBOX does fail, time to locate and rectify the fault is reduced and a replacement unit can be swapped in and restored from automatically produced backup files.

A solution that scales as the number of users grow and functional requirements increase

edgeBOX is based on open standards and has a flexible architecture that enables new services to be added while the device is still operational. Dedicated, enterprise class hardware provides the platform for edgeBOX software and it can be easily upgraded to provide additional capacity for new users or services.

Services that can be easily deployed and managed remotely without the need for on-site intervention

All of the services in edgeBOX can be accessed remotely via a single, integrated web management interface.

Providing the benefits of IP Telephony

Installing edgeBOX at each branch office reduces costs in terms of:

  • Eliminating call charges between offices using the IP network

  • Reducing long distance and mobile call charges by subscribing to an Internet Telephony Service Provider

  • Providing least cost routing so that calls can be routed over the most cost effective PSTN or IP network

  • Eliminating the need for costly hardware such as proprietary PBX systems