SMB - Instant Office

The edgeBOX enables setting up a complete office network at a "greenfield" site in a matter of hours, consolidating the voice and data resources into a "plug-and-play" solution.

edgeBOX provides all the features you need to have your office up and running, in a matter of hours, including the connectivity to WAN (ADSL, Cable, 3G) and LAN (Wired or Wireless) with network security and access control.

VoIP and Collaboration tools are included to improve communication betwen staff and deliver cost savings related within the office and for calls to remote workers and between branch offices.

edgeBOX is the "all-in-one" office solution that provides cost mitigation when deploying remote or SMB office infrastructure. These savings will include: communications costs, Windows licensing costs, multi-device support costs, etc...

The most effective solution for deploying your office network, IT and communications infrastructure, whether it is a single office, a branch office, permanent or temporary, with all services capable of being managed in-house or off-site.