VoIP Phone System

The edgeBOX provides a full-featured IP-PBX and VoIP gateway targeted at offices with between 10 and 300 users.

The advantages of a VoIP Phone System (Voice over Internet Protocol) are manifold. They provide you the ability to make calls over the internet and save up to 60% of phone bills.

VoIP Phone systems also bring you new and advanced features that were not possible in old systems. This includes integration with mobile phones, support for telecommuters and branch offices.

Another advantage is that a VoiP Phone system shares the same existing ethernet network used by computers in the office, therefore reducing the costs of cabling.

One common concern about VoIP its quality and reliability. The edgeBOX addresses that concern by providing fallback connection to the PSTN (Public switched telephony network) so if the internet connection goes down, calls are routed transparently through the landline. The edgeBOX can also be configured to use VoIP selectively for certain calls, such as intra-office (for free), branch office (for free), and international calls (at reduced rates).

While the edgeBOX provides a full IP Phone system for your company, it provides a lot more. The edgeBOX is an Office-in-a-Box that, in addition to the full Business Phone System will provide you with a range of network services.

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