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zip edgeBOX screensaver (761KB)

edgeBOX Case Studies and White Papers

pdf Radio Mantra India Case Study (679KB)
How India's fastest growing FM network deployed edgeBOX across 9 cities in India leading to dramatic cost savings and vastly improved collaboration and communication among employees

pdf Ten steps to dramatically reduce the TCO of Small Business Communications (165KB)
White Paper with solutions to help SMB reduce the TCO of their communications infrastructure

pdf Portuguese Schools Case Study (649KB)
edgeBOX provided a flexible and centrally managed infrastructure at a competitive price

pdf Portucel/Soporcel Case Study (679KB)
How this company managed to interconnect all their European offices

pdf Guestcentric SMB Case Study (894KB)
How edgeBOX delivers value-added services to small businesses, while having a very low TCO

pdf Delivering Broadband Managed Services to SMEs (573KB)
White Paper on how edgeBOX can help support Managed Services Strategies at Service Providers, Telco’s, ISP’s, and Managed Services Providers.

pdf Validation Partners, Inc Case Study (1.0 MB)
Case study demonstrating how How the edgeBOX™ dramatically reduced costs and improved productivity at Validation Partners software consulting firm.

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